Thursday, 18 April 2013

Samsung UN32EH5300 - Quality Test | Review 2013

Restricted in Space and Money – Go For Samsung UN32EH5300

Samsung UN32EH5300
As a tantalizing starter, let’s just say that the Samsung UN32EH5300 price range hovers around the $470 mark. For a 32” 1080p 60Hz LED/LCD HDTV, that is certainly worth considering. If space is also your enemy you would also want to consider the Samsung UN32EH5300, as the size is not cumbersome and would fit small spaces quite nicely. Actually, for the price, we did not expect Samsung to inject so many features into the Samsung UN32EH5300. Instead, they have decided to enlighten our minds with Smart TV, built-in Wi-Fi and Wide Color Enhancer Plus, which is certainly an added bonus for those of you expecting mediocrity and boredom. On the downside, there are some useless features, which do not give credit to their designers, such as the web browser, which we have already dubbed lethargic and unresponsive. What’s more the browser doesn’t even support flash. This rules out using your Samsung UN32EH5300 for anything else other than a monitor.
With all factors considered, when you have a cheap LED/LCD with decent color, picture and sound, would you really find time to squabble over imperfections that no-one cares about or designs that complement your home. Take the Samsung UN32EH5300 for what it is – a goddam TV, for crying out loud!

How About An App Review?

We never felt the urge to delve into the wonderful world of apps provided by the Smart TV feature in the Samsung range – until now. One of the healthiest apps in circulation at the moment has to be Samsung’s very own Fitness, which is similar to Wii, in that it tracks your exercise routines and progress and snaps a whip every time you slack (ok we made that one up, just in case you are not into BDSM). You can also use the app on mobile devices, to continue where you left off. Kids Story is a fantastic app for your kids, and yourself, in the shoes of a caring, loving and disciplined parent. It allows your children to actually learn something whilst watching TV. And there you were, thinking that all your kids could learn from TV is violence and swear words!  Then there’s the Family Story app, which gives you the green light to upload all the decent photos from your album collection and share them online. This app also allows you to chat, post and share information in real time. Not sure I would want to share this with my mother-in-law, but there you go!

Other Interesting Trivia

We did mention space as a liability so let us detail the Samsung UN32EH5300 specs for you. The measurements are 7.6” x 29.1” x 19.6” and the TV weighs 14.3lbs, light enough for even a woman to carry (unless she has long nails!). Besides being light enough to transport from room to room, it is also convenient enough to store, whenever not in use for a few weeks.
The Samsung UN32EH5300 allows for up to 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port. The resolution displayed on the UN32EH5300 is actually quite astonishing, and they have got it right with the 1080p, which is fast becoming the most popular resolution for movie producers.
If touching is one of your fetishes, you might enjoy fiddling with the settings, until you get it all wrong and wished you had played with something else! For your sole benefit and other poor souls who just can’t resist the urge to touch everything in sight, we have provided you with a User Manual, which you can view here. Things might become a little less messy thanks to this FAQ responder.